Do you supply the products or people directly?

No. All of the suppliers on our platform are independent and our role is to quickly connect you with the ones that meet your requirements and allow you to transact with them securely. When you enquire with them on their listing, you will be connected with them directly.

How do you vet suppliers?

We take reviews and recommendations from couples who have previously booked suppliers, and suppliers who have worked alongside them. We speak to each supplier and test their responsiveness before approving them onto the platform. Each supplier then goes through an identity check before they can accept payments.

Will I be protected by a contract?

Yes. After placing your order you will receive a contract which reflects the order you have placed and further details that you will have negotiated with your supplier. The contract will be directly with the supplier. If you don’t receive one, please ask them for it before paying your deposit as this is fundamental to your payment protection.

How does Buy Now, Pay Later work?

Our Buy Now, Pay Later feature allows you to spread your supplier costs over 3-10 monthly instalments. This can be done on your deposit or final payment, which means you can pay for your suppliers up to 9 months after your wedding. For more information click here.

When do I pay?

Upon booking your supplier, you will pay a deposit. We will take the remaining payment 12 weeks later. If your wedding is less than 12 weeks away, we will take the remaining payment 4 weeks before your wedding day. If your wedding is less than 4 weeks away, we will take your remaining payment immediately.

How do you protect my payments?

Your payments are held in an FCA regulated escrow account before being released to the suppliers. This gives you legal protection should the service not be delivered as agreed. The escrow account is provided by Trustshare.

When do suppliers receive my final payment?

Your final payment will be held in the escrow account until after your events. This gives you peace of mind that the service will be delivered on the day. Final payments must be released within 7 days of your events.

What happens if a supplier cancels?

Unfortunately, post-Covid, 6% of bookings get cancelled by suppliers at the last minute. Weddings are particularly vulnerable to the spread of Covid and suppliers will be at multiple weddings during peak wedding season.

If a supplier does cancel, we will find replacements for you within 24 hours. We will present you with some options but can’t guarantee that they will cost the same as your previous supplier, although we will try our best.

Your previous supplier should then issue you with a full refund. Please check your contract with them to make sure this is the case.

What happens if my service isn’t delivered as agreed?

All of our suppliers have been vetted and none so far have failed to deliver the service as agreed. However, in the unlikely event that this happens, you can raise a dispute which will be handled by Trustshare. They will ask for a copy of your contract and evidence that the supplier has not delivered on any aspect of it. If they find in your favour, they will issue you with a refund in line with the severity of the breach.

What are the fees?

There is no fee for you to use our platform. We charge suppliers based on the bookings they have taken. Trustshare charge a payment processing fee on your payments, which range between 0.1% - 1.5%, depending on the size of your transaction. The higher the payment, the lower the fee.

What is the best price guarantee?

The best price guarantee is a guarantee that the price you see for a particular supplier is the best price you will get from them, on or off our platform.

What about if I’ve found a supplier I want to book with you, but they are not on the platform?

Please let us know! We will quickly review the supplier and if they meet our standards, we will sign them up to the platform so you can complete your booking with them with full protection. The quote you have received from them will remain the same.

You can contact us on [email protected] or via Whatsapp.

How accurate is the price that I see for a supplier?

For photographers, videographers, coordinators and hair & makeup artists, the price that you see will be very accurate. However, there is a chance that you have extra requirements that we have not accounted for. Once you start speaking to the supplier this will get confirmed.

For all other types of suppliers, the price you see is their starting price. Therefore the final price might be significantly different once you start speaking to them. Over time, this will change and we will introduce just as accurate pricing for all suppliers that you see.

How do I start speaking to a supplier?

When you are on their listing, click the Enquire button. This will send all of the details that we hold about your wedding to them and open up a chat with them. They will confirm their availability and get into a discussion with you in order to confirm the price. You can ask to arrange a phone call with them if you’d like to speak to them.

Do I need to enter in my details for every supplier I wish to speak to?

No! We’re here to make your life easier so we only collect your information once. We then use it to calculate prices for suppliers and then share that information when you enquire with them. So you only need to click one button for each supplier, and they’ll have everything they need to confirm their availability and price.

Do you help me with anything else, apart from finding and booking suppliers?

Yes. Once you sign up to our platform, we will arrange a call with you to help you with your budget, your timeline, and how to decide between suppliers.

We will then check in and support you with your decision-making process, as well as sharing resources on things like playlists, seating plans, checklists, invites, and more, right up until your wedding day. Our team has over 10 years of experience in planning Indian weddings and we will support you as much as we can.

How do I review my suppliers with my partner, friends and family?

Your favourites section contains a shortlist of suppliers for each category. You can share those shortlists with anybody you like by using the share button and sending the URL to them. They will then have access to that shortlist (and only that shortlist) and will be able to see the suppliers that you are looking at, and their prices. They can comment and react to your favourite suppliers, and discuss them with you.

Planning a wedding is a collaboration, and the burden shouldn’t just be on one person. This tool allows you to spread the load and come to decisions more quickly and confidently.

How do I add suppliers to my shortlist?

Suppliers appear on your shortlists in three ways: when you get matched with them, when you favourite their listing, or when we favourite them for you - usually when we’re helping you to find more options.

Every supplier has a heart on their listing. Use it to add or remove a listing to your favourites.

Can I book suppliers for any type of wedding?

Yes. Although our platform is tailored for Indian weddings and we make a special effort to make sure we have suppliers who are experienced in those weddings, you can actually book our suppliers for any type of wedding.

I’m a supplier, how do I get listed on the platform?

Great! You can get more information about how our platform works for suppliers here. From there, you can also create your listing. Once your listing is created it will be sent to us for approval. If you would like any more information on how it works, please email us on [email protected].